Friday, April 22, 2011


Practice practice practice.  I realized I've been avoiding creating environments because I'm afraid of doing a really crummy job...  So I decided to take the advice that I give anybody who asks me about drawing and just go for it!  Learn by doing....  I started this drawing out with a horizon line, then decided I wanted an uphill street scene, so it's kind of a funky perspective situation to begin with.  It was fun inking my sketchy pencil sketch with a brush...
I've probably drawn just a few handfuls of (matchbox) cars in my life, and this sloppy jalopy looks suspiciously like an old car I drew in San Diego 9 years ago.  There's some inadvertent M.C. Escheresque perspective stuff in here, too...   One exciting thing about realizing you have a long way to go is anticipating the fun and satisfaction of so much learning along the way!  Practice!


  1. Thanks, Mace! That's what I like about this one, too. Great to hear from you.

  2. And did you assume that moniker just for this visit? Kind of amazing...