Saturday, April 23, 2011


     Growing up a Saturday morning couch potato in the mid-1980's one of my favorite cartoons was Thundercats.  I don't care if it was just another marketing ploy to get millions of kids to buy zillions of plastic toys.  Thundercats was awesome.  Lion-o, Lord of the Thundercats, fought against Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living and various and sundry evil henchmen alongside his fellow super-agile cat hero friends.  I tear up just thinking about it.
     Lion-o is pictured here with the Sword of Omens, his magic weapon that transforms from its modest knife-like size to a full-length battle sword when Lion-o dramatically utters, "thunder.... Thunder.... THUNDERCATS, HOOOOOOO!!!"  The phallic symbolism was lost on my 4 year old mind... thankfully.  
     Unfortunately I didn't think to scan before adding ink, but this series gives some sense of the process leading to the final colored drawing.

pencil, nib pen, brush and ink, and gouache... plus a little photoshop tweak to deepen my timid coloring


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