Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stormy Hulk and an observation

I don't think I'd used watercolor pencils since I filled 20 pages of a sketchbook with them for a fourth grade project.  They still seem like a magic trick:  dry and scrapie as can be but add a little water and the lines dissolve into a pool of even color.  It's fun sliding one across a patch of damp paper, producing a surprisingly deep, rich line.  I headed back to my roots with this drawing of Kirby and Lee's Incredible Hulk.  I wish Jack Kirby were still alive so I could shake his magical hand and gaze through his eyes into his brilliant brain and fearless heart.  I like to think he had a fearless heart.

I've been drawing in a journal that I got for Christmas that has rather thin paper, which crinkles like anything with even the smallest amount of water.  As a result, my scans often have dark spots where the light doesn't reach to reflect.  Sometimes, these shadows become forms of their own, and instead of cloning them out in photoshop as I sometimes do, I let them add a new element to the picture.  Here they appear as a gathering gloom over Hulk's head.

A quick pen and ink sketch of Liz absorbed in her drawing.

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