Thursday, October 6, 2011

Character Development

  Last year, perhaps mostly in the name of designing a killer Halloween costume, one of my sisters devised a female version of my spaceman character: "Spacewoman!"  To write that she is "a female version of" another character is perhaps inaccurate, but the dictionary definition of "counterpart" smacks of a kind of origin-of-Eve dependency that doesn't do justice to this character's existence.  I guess I could say that my sister created a female character who exists in the same universe as my spaceman (whose gold-helmeted profile graces the top of this blog), and that maybe they are cosmic teammates or something like that...  Further investigation (like a phone call to lil' sis) is warranted.
  Now that we live on different coasts, I'm free to indulge one of my very favorite pastimes, Transcontinental Screaming.  Cathartic, yes.  Effective, less so.  And so I'm left with letter writing.  And it's hard to send a letter without an envelope (okay, not exactly true), and rarely does an envelope make it from my aching hand to the mail drop without at least a whisper of a sketch on its stark, utilitarian sides...

  Here's my version of Spacewoman drawn on the crispy envelope of a letter sent to my sister.  No need for a spoiler alert:  she opened it yesterday.  Should I have used a semi-colon there?

pencil, micron, copic marker (so fun to use!), and gouache on oversized envelope