Friday, April 6, 2012

Central Square and a dancing pair!

With the purchase of a new sketchbook I am resolved to do more drawing from direct observation.  I cashed in during the warm spell two weeks ago when all of the flowers and humans bloomed into Spring, blissfully misbelieving that we could shed our cocoons and frigid frowns and spread our Summer smiles and bare arms in the balmy brickbuildinged streets for another season of forgetting the ever-impending cryogenic kiss of Winter.  But some very March-like weather returned, and we the residents of the Massachusetts Bay Area are back to ignoring each other with snarls on the sidewalks as our stiff winter legs propel these elevated shoulders and lowered heads and solemn hearts mercilessly to the next thankless destination...

Flashback to page one of my fancy new sketchbook on an abnormally warm and sunny March day:

Central Square... pencil on paper

A little further back, and this one from imagination:

dancers, or, faux tango...  pencil and ink on paper


  1. Ben, Glad to see you are stepping into this amazing technology that allows you universal access and appeal.

    You are multi-talented. May you discover and reveal yourself in whatever you do.



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    1. Dear Mark,

      Thank you so much! Your twofold blessing is one of the best I can imagine for what I am doing...and to those ends I will aspire!

      Blessings to you, too,