Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zombie Craze

And the months tic by...

I drew this card for a friend on the occasion of her birthday.  Somehow fantastical self-defending violence against the undead doesn't feel like violence against the living.  Maybe I'm off base.  In the shadow of the escalation of violence in the Middle East this week, it seems almost reckless to delight in exploring a medium/genre that rely so heavily on violence for entertainment value.  I suppose that for me, violence in art can be a safe exploration of intense mental and emotional content, and its flippant depiction is in no way a reflection of my stance on real physical/emotional/etc violence/abuse.  In any case, this was incredibly fun to draw, and provided a great warm-up for a commission I was working on.  Names have been erased to protect the innocent from an onslaught of google searches by my faithful fans...

pencil and pens on bristol

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