Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anna and the Dragon

Hello, earnest Reader,

here is a drawing that I finished a couple of days ago:

pencil, faber castell pitt artist pens (S and F) and watercolor on bristol

This pair was inspired by a friend's enthusiastic discovery of the animated movie, "How to Train Your Dragon."  I revisited some of the art from the cartoon, which got me excited about a more snub-nosed reptilian head.  Drawing this reminded me of the awesome mystical human-faced deerlike creature in Hayao Miyazaki's, "Princess Mononoke."  I urge everyone (perhaps especially myself) to revisit that movie.  

I'm trying to steer away from some of the anatomical copouts that I've lazed through in the past, and spend a little more time with source material and drawing from life.  Here I decided that drawing the mechanism of the base of a wing as a couple of shapeless pipes looked unnatural and ill-informed, and that for many animals, a wing is really just an arm with a different skin situation and some longer bones arranged differently at the extremity (ask any real biologist, and they'll tell you the same thing).  From there I designed the wing as an extra arm protruding behind the shoulder, complete with a little deltoid, biceps, elbow, ulna and radius.  I was satisfied with that for this drawing, but I'd like to hang out with some bats and birds and get a better sense of things.

Coming soon: prints of this and other new and older drawings in my etsy shop!

Thanks for tuning in!

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