Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ask Jeeves...

Here's a drawing for my friend, a devoted Steven Fry fan.  I'd never seen the 1990s series, Jeeves and Wooster, so it was fun to watch the first episode and get a sense of these very contrasting characters before setting out to draw them.  If you've never seen it, the show is hilarious and worth a watch.

I used a combination of reference photos culled from the internet to get the expressions, costuming, and body positions I wanted.  I learned that very subtle changes in value and line placement can make or break a likeness...  

pencil, micron, and ink wash on bristol


  1. Hello Ben.

    The show is hilarious but the books are even better. Your dispatches from India had ma Wodehousian flair to them.


  2. Hi Tom!

    Thank you for tuning in! I keep hearing that the books are great. I'll have to check them out. I am honored by your drawing a comparison to my own writing! Warmest regards to you and the R Clan.